Chapter History

The Cleveland Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) was chartered on May 10, 1973 and enthusiastically supports ALA's mission. Reflecting on this mission, our Chapter goals are to:

  • maintain and enhance an organizational structure that encourages the active participation of the members and which empowers that organization to use the resources of the Chapter to effectively achieve the Chapter's Goals
  • develop and deliver programs that will provide high-quality competency-based education to members of the legal management team
  • improve and strengthen the flow of information through the Local, Regional and National organizations to, and from, the members of the Chapter
  • increase the visibility and credibility of the Chapter and its members in the legal community through effective marketing and communications and through liaison with the bar and other related associations at the local (City and County) level
  • retain and recruit members from all components of the legal management team
  • maintain a reasonable economic base for the Chapter.


The Cleveland Chapter has a long and rewarding history. In 1971, a group of nine administrators in the Cleveland area, led by Jack Kaufman of the firm formerly known as Burke, Haber & Berick, began meeting informally to discuss similar issues in the management of the law firm. At that time, the law office administrator was somewhat of a 'non-fitting' piece within the puzzle of the law firm, and these meetings afforded the administrators the opportunity to meet with others who held similar jobs. Jack Kaufman went on to become the 2nd President of the National ALA from 1975-1977.

These meetings grew to a more formal structure and in 1972, H. Allan Newman of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP was elected the first president of the Cleveland Administrators Association. The group then decided to become affiliated with what was then the recently formed National Association of Legal Administrators and become one of the first charter chapters in the national organization -- chartered May 10, 1973.

The Cleveland Chapter has been privileged to have exceptional leaders throughout its history. It is a very active Chapter and has had many members participate on National ALA Committees and serve in regional and national offices.